Drysure Extreme

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Drysure Extreme

Drysure  is  the  original  wireless  portable  boot  dryer. 

Quick  and  dirty:
•Made  of  silica  oxide  bead  bags  inside  a  plastic  case  for  easy  fitting
•No  heat  or  electricity  needed
•12  times  faster  than  air  drying
•Wet  feet  lose  heat  25  times  faster  than  dry  feet
•Boots  dry  overnight,  low-rise  shoes  usually  dry  in  as  little  as  6-8  hours
•Multi-use:  re-activate  with  heat  by  placing  inner  bags  in  an  oven  or  heater  vent
•Absorb  for  7-10  days  before  requiring  reactivation
•Heatless  drying  is  the  only  safe  way  to  dry  heat-moulded  footwear  (e.g.  custom  fitted  ski  or  board  boots)or  other  expensive  materials  (e.g.  leather  footwear)
•Cordless  drying  means  ultimate  portability:  users  can  dry  on  the  go  without  dealing  with  tangled  cords  orhard-to-find  wall  sockets
•Reduces  bad  odors  and  bacterial/fungal  growth
•Shape  is  designed  to  target  areas  like  the  toe  and  heel  where  sweat  and  moisture  build  up

How  it  started:
Drysure  founder  James  Robbins  wanted  a  reliable  way  to  dry  boots  and  shoes  fast,  without  heat,  electricity,  or  batteries. 
The  idea  for  Drysure  boot  and  shoe  dryers  first  formed  in  Kitzbühel,  Austria,  after  a  day  of  extreme  weather  changes,  ranging  from  from  -18ºC  to  +4ºC.
Things  got  sweaty,  and  the  thought  of  having  to  put    on  wet,  sweaty  ski  boots  in  the  morning  was  not  pleasant.  Thus  the  idea  for  Drysure  was  born.

How it works:
Silica gel beads are able to absorb moisture quickly in humid envrionments. This is because silica is a desiccant: a hygroscopic substance that absorbs moisture and can be used as a drying agent. Using silica gel beads is not a new idea: it had been done before but had not succeeded because the performance of the silica beads did not compete with the electric boot dryers on the market. Drysure needed a way to improve the drying performance of silica gel beads without using heat or electricity. That’s why Drysure also utilizes air for drying. Proper air flow significantly improves the moisture absorption of silica gel beads. Drysure is designed so that the silica gel beads are most concentrated around the toe and heel, where moisture tends to accumulate the most. Meanwhile, the high gloss outer shell not only makes it easy to insert Drysure into footwear, but also makes it possible to reach deep into the toe, where moisture accumulates most. Its unique design featuring strategically placed gaps allows air to  flow into small vacuums created by the silica gel beads, which speeds up the drying process in turn. The combination of the silica gel beads in the inner sac and the outer shell are what give Drysure its unprecedented drying performance. The  longer  you  wait  to  dry  your  footwear,  the  faster  the  bacteria  grows.  That  is  why  it’s  so  important  to  be  able  to  dry  your  footwear  anywhere,  anytime,  and  Drysure  makes  that  possible.