Drysure Active Shoe/Extreme Boot Dryer


• 12x faster than air drying

• Reduces bad smells

• Reusable for many years

• No need for heath or electricity



Drysure is made of silicon oxide balls encapsulated in a sock combined with a strategic Veroni perforated outer shell that makes it easy to enter the boot/footwear. It reaches all the way to the tip of the toe - which in turn provides optimal airflow through the entire footwear. This provided optimal conditions for efficient drying. Before and after use, DRYSURE must be stored in an airtight plastic bag that comes with the product to keep moisture out. You don’t have to put them in the bag after use, you can also just move them from one piece of footwear you have dried to the new piece of footwear that has been used recently and is damp.

Drysure User Manual

  1. You do not need to activate drysure products before use. After you have been active you simply put them in your footwear.
  2. When you have finished using Drysure, place them back in the PCV bag so that they won’t absorb the moisture in the air. You do not need to turn them on or off.
  3. Give them some heat if you have access to a radiator.
  4. Follow the instructions below to learn how to reactivate Drysure when they become less effective at drying.

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How Does It Work?



Drysure Active fits all footwear with normal ankle height such as running shoes, soccer shoes, cycling shoes, golf shoes, low ski boots, everyday shoes, leisure shoes, etc.


Drysure extreme is suitable for alpine boots, snowboard boots, rubber boots, hunting boots, tall ski boots, etc.


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