In 2018 Pale Blue realized that advances in technology could enable a better way for customers to meet their battery needs without creating unnecessary waste. The advent of the ‘lithium ion age’ and the advancement of battery management technologies make for high performing, convenient, reliable and user friendly rechargeable batteries. Pale Blue believe that improvements in all these areas are enough to convert a lot of single battery users to finally make the step to ditch disposables.


  • Pale Plue Lithium cell charges up to 5x faster than traditional rechargeable batteries
  • 1,5V give you the same as old none rechargeable batteries
  • Pale Blue are 40% lighter than traditional alkaline batteries


  • 1000+ charging cycles means 1000 fewer disposable batteries
  • Guarantees 80% capacity after 1000 charges
  • No need to buy new ones, no use and throw the old away. Single use cannot be the future


  • Charge up to 4 batteries at once with micro-usb charging port & 4-to-1 cable
  • No big charging station just some small cables that charge 4 batteries at the same time
  • Bulit-in LED chargin indicator that let you know when batteries are fully charged
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