What/who is Peaty's

  • By riders, for riders.
  • Premium product.
  • Honest eco credentials, no compromise on performance.

Peaty’s products are the result of a very loud gang consisting of riders, designers, researchers, and engineers under the leadership of 17-time downhill-mountain-bike-world-cup-champion, Steve Peat. Hence the name. This entire motley crew combined their strengths to create top-class. High-quality products that are as user-friendly and environmentally conscious as possible, without compromising performance.

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Peaty's core values

  • Keep it fun.
  • Keep it real.
  • Go out and bike!
  • For us competitive riders, Peaty's products are an obvious first choice to get an edge and to perform as well as possible.
  • Peaty's is capable of helping their athletes reach the top tier on the winner stage.
  • The product and packaging should be as environmentally friendly as possible without compromising quality and performance.
  • Develop user-friendly products that result in less time spent on cleaning and reparations, and more time spent biking. 
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Clean bicycle in 1-2-3

  1. Peaty's Loam Foam
  2. Peaty's Drivetrain Degreaser
  3. Peaty's LinkLub

LoamFoam is a minty fresh, professional-grade, biodegradable cleaner that is tough on dirt yet safe to use on all bike surfaces including carbon, brake pads and disks. Spray it on - wait for 2 minutes - and rinse your bicycle with water. Finito!

Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser is the ultimate bike specific, high strength foaming drivetrain degreaser. Our powerful biodegradable formula has been designed to be tough on grime for fast and powerful drivetrain degreasing, while remaining kind to the rest of your bike and the environment. Spray it on the chain - wait for 2/3 minutes - and rinse the chain with water. Finito!

LinkLube Our unique two-part formula penetrates and cleans deep inside your chain, driving out moisture, grit and grime and replacing them with a unique blend of oils and waxes (Peaty's secret sauce) to lubricate and protect. Yes, you read that correctly... Peaty's Link Lube actually cleans your chain as you use it! Drip it onto the chain and pedal backwards to spread the lube. Finished!

> Here is everything you need

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How to avoid (almost) all punctures


Do you want to be able to ride your bike with a lower tire pressure, get more grip, and avoid (almost) all punctures?

This is how you set up your tires without tubes:

Step 1: put down rim tape. >video

Step 2: Put in the valve. > video

Step 3: Tubless sealant. > video

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Peaty's Bicycle Assembly Grease (100g)
RRP 13.99 EUR
Peaty's Bicycle Brush Set
RRP 48.99 EUR
Peaty's Bog Brush
RRP 17.99 EUR
Peaty's Clean Protect Lube Starter Pack
RRP 39.99 EUR
Peaty's Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit
RRP 119.99 EUR
Peaty's Detail Brush
RRP 12.99 EUR
Peaty's Disc Brake Cleaner 400ml
RRP 14.99 EUR
Peaty's Disc Brake Cleaner 750ml
RRP 21.99 EUR
Peaty's Drivetrain Brush
RRP 12.99 EUR
Peaty's Drivetrain Degreaser 1 liter
RRP 25.99 EUR
Peaty's Drivetrain Degreaser 5 liter
RRP 99.99 EUR
Peaty's Drivetrain Degreaser 500ml
RRP 17.99 EUR
Peaty's General Maintenance Spray 400ml
RRP 10.99 EUR
Peaty's General Maintenance Spray 750ml
RRP 16.99 EUR
Peaty's HoldFast Tool Wrap
RRP 44.99 EUR
Peaty's Holeshot BioFibre Sealant 120ml
RRP 10.99 EUR
Peaty's Holeshot BioFibre Sealant 1L
RRP 39.99 EUR
Peaty's Holeshot BioFibre Sealant 25L
RRP 699.99 EUR
Peaty's Holeshot BioFibre Sealant 500ml
RRP 26.99 EUR
Peaty's Holeshot BioFibre Sealant 5L
RRP 169.99 EUR
Peaty's Holeshot CO2 Tyre Inflator MTB (25g)
RRP 49.99 EUR