The Volcom Family!


For 30 years, Volcom has supplied outerwear and streetwear and culture such as film and music. From wetsuits to jeans, from bikinis to high-end GoreTex® clothing for the harshest climates. For those who are hunting the perfect wave, or for those who are hunting untouched loose snow on high snow-covered mountain peaks or just want to go out cruising with the gang. What they have in common is the pursuit of passion! - True to This

Volcom’s core values are community, belonging, inclusion and family. They are focused around everyone’s common pursuit or passion - The Volcom family consists of distributors, employees, team drivers, ambassadors, partners, customers and retailers. The Volcom Family!

Volcom x Marcus Kleveland

Volcom Norwegian Volcom family consists of:

  • Marcus Kleveland
  • Torgeir Bergrem

And international top riders and icons such as:

  • Arthur Longo
  • Bryan Iguchi
  • Jamie Lynn
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From technical outerwear to streetwear

  • EcoTrue
    A continued process for a cleaner planet.
  • Gore-tex Gore-Tex®
    The ultimate best in function and protection from the elements. 
  • GPT – Guide Proven Technology
    Developed in partnership with the guides of Baldface Lodge in Canada.
  • Zip-tech
    A patented solution for keeping you dry and warm.


Volcom Outerwear:


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Volcom water aware


Volcom's journey towards a new future began over 12 years ago and is a continuous process for turning sustainability obligations into actions, and gaining awareness of how it affects the environment.  

  • Increased use of recycled material
  • Responsible production
  • Bettered material sourcing
  • Water-saving production methods
  • Traceable resources - organic cotton

Volcom Water Aware

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The History


California - 1991

Volcom is established as a clothing brand that gets its inspiration from the surf/skate and snowboard culture that arose in the early nineties.

For over 30 years, Volcom has delivered technical apparel and streetwear, inspired by board sports, but also other similar cultural areas such as film, art, and music. From functional GoreTex for demanding winter conditions in Alaska to surf shorts on Bali and cycling in Utah. Volcom has products that cover the needs of most outdoor activities.

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Volcom 2X4 Denim Black On Black
RRP 111.50 EUR
Volcom 2X4 Denim Black Out
RRP 75.00 EUR
Volcom 2X4 Denim Ink Black
RRP 60.00 EUR
Volcom 3L Gore-Tex Bib Overhauler Black
RRP 614.99 EUR
Volcom 4/3mm Chest Zip Fullsuit Black
RRP 370.00 EUR
Volcom Alstone Crew Black
RRP 75.00 EUR
Volcom Alstone Crew Saffron
RRP 55.00 EUR
Volcom Alstone LSE SS Tee Black
RRP 40.00 EUR
Volcom Alstone SS Tee Black
RRP 33.00 EUR
Volcom Alstone SS Tee Saffron
RRP 27.00 EUR
Volcom Aquatrip LS Tee Tie Dye
RRP 45.00 EUR
Volcom Aris Ins Gore Jacket Green Ash
RRP 306.99 EUR
Volcom Arthur Pant Dark Teak
RRP 183.99 EUR
Volcom Arthur Pant Off White
RRP 183.99 EUR
Volcom Atavic Quarter Zip Mysto Green
RRP 99.99 EUR
Volcom Baloney Matte Black/Gray
RRP 60.00 EUR
Volcom Baloney Matte Darkside/Gray Polarized
RRP 80.01 EUR
Volcom Barkley Bib Overall Army
RRP 128.00 EUR
Volcom Barkley Bib Overall Magenta
RRP 130.00 EUR
Volcom Barkley Ins Bib Overall Black
RRP 163.99 EUR
Volcom Barkley Ins Bib Overall Caramel
RRP 163.99 EUR
Volcom Billow Denim Black
RRP 95.00 EUR
Volcom Billow Denim Black
RRP 70.00 EUR
Volcom Billow Denim Light Blue
RRP 74.99 EUR
Volcom Billow Denim Light Blue
RRP 100.00 EUR
Volcom Billow Denim Oliver Mid Blue
RRP 100.00 EUR
Volcom Billow Denim Saffron
RRP 110.00 EUR