The super light and award-winning kids' bike


Woom makes super light and solid bicycles for children ages 11/2 to 14. Every single detail on the bike has been thoroughly thought out, which provides a safe and fun experience when children go out on their bikes to experience the world.

Woom makes it fun and easy to bike

  • 40% lighter than regular children's bicycles and the lightest bicycle line on the marked. 
  • Created with children's needs in mind and designed with passion. 
  • Individual and super light -  adjusted to the needs of small anatomies. 
  • Results in quicker development due to the bicycles growing step by step together with the child's abilities. 

Children's bicycles customized to children's development


Woom loves bicycles and happy kids!

The Woom adventure began with the search for the perfect bicycles for their own children. They wanted to find out what is required to create the best bicycles for kids. They wanted to build bicycles that inspire both the kids and the parents. 

The following six incredibly challenging years that confronted the world of children's bikes with constant questions, experiments, and changes. This resulted in the woom-models for children between the ages of 1 1/2 and 14. 85% of Woom's bicycle parts are individually designed and produced exclusively for Woom, customized to the needs of small anatomies. 

Weight is also a determinating factor when it comes to having fun on a bike. Through Woom's continuous development work, they have succeeded in making Woom bicycles 40% lighter than regular children's bikes, which makes their bikes some of the lightest ones on the marked. 

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Woom 2 14" 5,3kg, 3-4,5 years, 95-110cm
RRP 357.99 EUR
Woom 3 16" 5,7kg, 4-6 years, 105-120cm
RRP 408.99 EUR
Woom 4 20" 7,8kg, 6-8 years, 115-130cm
RRP 490.99 EUR
Woom 5 24" 8,8kg, 7-11 years, 125-145cm
RRP 531.99 EUR
Woom 6 26" 9,1kg, 10-14 years, 140-165cm
RRP 572.99 EUR
Woom Now 4 10,5kg, 16"/20"
RRP 818.99 EUR
Woom Now 5 11,8kg, 20"/24"
RRP 1 049.90 EUR
Woom Now 6 12,6kg, 20"/26"
RRP 1 099.90 EUR
Woom OFF 4 20" 7,8kg, 6-8 years, 118-130cm
RRP 818.99 EUR
Woom OFF 5 24" 8,6kg, 7-11 years, 128-145cm
RRP 869.99 EUR
Woom OFF 6 26" 9,5kg, 10-14 years, 140-165cm
RRP 920.99 EUR
Woom UP 5 24" 15,3 kg, 7-11 years, 128-145cm
RRP 3 199.90 EUR
Woom UP 6 26" 16,6 kg, 10-14 years, 140-165cm
RRP 3 299.90 EUR